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I led strategy & UX for an LA startup exploring the concept gift-registries for non-traditional occassions to simplify gifting and minimise wastage.

Whilo – Social wishlist - Profile

The Founders of 'Prezme LLC' came to us with a very specific problem they wanted to solve around purchasing gifts for their childrens' friends, without any insight into what a teenage or pre-teen girl wants, needs or cares about.

They wanted to find ways to use this social interaction as a way to better get to know their own children, to educate their children about wastage and charity, and hopefully to eliminate the wastefulness of unwanted gifts, once and for all.

We helped them to better identify and define the problem space, explore and validate solutions, and eventually to deliver the product as an iOS app which we designed, named, branded and worked with developers from Hydric Media to build.