My name is
Jai Mitchell,

I'm a product designer at Google.

I want to build great products with great teams, solve real problems for real people, and, hopefully improve someone's day, one interaction at a time.



Golf scoring, stats & course discovery • iOS appJosephmark

Re-thinking golf scoring and statistics with World Champion Golfer Adam Scott's team.

Product Of ___

Design meetup • Events & community–Ongoing • Personal project

An international network of local digital Product Design communities.

Product of BNE Breakfast – at Alfred & Constance
Product of BNE Event – Prototyping Panel


Travellers social network • iOS & Android appJosephmark

A complete redesign of a travel networking app for a local fast growing startup.

Travello – Nomad Social Network - Explore


Social wishlisting & gifting platform • iOS & web appJosephmark

Simplifying gift purchasing, and minimising wastage of unwanted gifts.

Whilo – Social wishlist - Profile


Are We Human Yet?

Medium, Josephmark

An essay written in preparation for an AGDA panel I was asked to join, exploring the question “Can technology make us more human?”

What I Talk About When I Talk About Product Design

The Togetherish

An explanation for friends and family outside of the tech industry about what I do for a living.

The Benefits of Happiness

The Togetherish

Reflections on learnings from two great books: ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor; and ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck.

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Jai Mitchell

Hi, I'm Jai

I'm a product designer from Brisbane Australia, working with Google in Sydney, designing the future of in-car navigation experiences.

I've previously worked with some amazing digital product agencies, like Ustwo, and Josephmark, along with a few other roles in startups and corporate product teams.

My definition of a ‘Product Designer’ is:

A ‘specialist generalist’. Someone who can work competently across the full product design process. Often with a deeper knowledge in one or more specific areas.

Yes, I wrote that definition to describe myself. But either way, this is a good description of how I can best (and how I most enjoy to) work with a product team.

I love breaking down the silos. Getting my hands dirty designing, and building great products. Whether taking a product concept from zero to one, or attempting to take it from one to infinity.

My areas of deepest competence are Product strategy, interaction, prototyping and UI design. But I’m always trying to broaden my skill in adjacent areas. These include: business modelling and strategy; product growth strategy; product metrics/analytics; behavioural psychology/economics; and user research. I also enjoy learning the more technical side of development (#designersshouldlearncode #butonlyiftheywantto).

I have a near-insatiable curiosity, which balances a line between blessing and curse. but I'm privileged to have found a career that not only allows me to feed that, but even benefits from it.

Thanks for checking out my site. If you’ve read this far, please say hello. I'd appreciate your feedback, and I'm always keen to meet new people who share my passion for great design.